Posted on 02-Oct-2019

Sunrise Thai Massage (Romford Thai Massage)

We offer the Best Traditional Thai Massage. Our services are something which everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Traditional Thai Massage dates back thousands of years for good reason. Thai Massage is an act of giving and compassion. A sense of well-being is generated and received.
Thai Massage is practicing the physical application of “loving kindness.”
Thai Massage will help reconnect your mind and body with your spirit. It is a time for you to become still and quiet, and remember who you truly are. By the end, you will have had a deeper experience than just “relaxation.”

Benefits of Massage in summary
Improves blood circulation.
Reduces stress and calms nervous system
Improved flexibility in muscles and joints (Promotes healing from pulled muscles and sprains).
Eased muscle pain
Deep tissue relaxation
Boosted immune system
Increased energy levels (preventing illness)
May offer relief from headaches
Helps bring relief to arthritis sufferers.
Promotes better sleep habits
Can alleviate symptoms of back pain or sciatica
Great feeling of well-being
Strengthened organs and bodily systems
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